If you’ve found yourself here that makes me very happy. And if you’re just recently finding yourself here, you’ll notice there is much to be done to get this blog looking good, and making it user-friendly. It will get there, I promise. I’d like to use this first post to say hello and to get acquainted. I won’t really give you my full story here, but feel free to check out who I am in my bio! However, just a little about what to expect from this blog: I am a drummer professionally so you’ll find lots of that sort of stuff here (gear, reviews, music, artists I’m into, that sort of thing). I’m a senior at the University of South Carolina, I might post a few things here and there regarding FOOTBALL…I might not. I am a Christian. I’ve been following Christ for quite some time now and I find more and more that I just enjoy talking/writing about that (the struggles, the victories, all that good stuff). Playing in a modern worship setting is what I mainly do, so my faith and my profession have a huge crossover which is a huge “point of interest” for me, so you’ll find that here. Other than that, who knows. You never can tell what I’ll end up talking about so be sure to check back and if you ever wish to contact me do that too, I’d love to talk. Enjoy!


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